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Director of Child Protection Litigation announced

Last week the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice announced the appointment of Nigel Miller as Queensland’s first Director of Child Protection Litigation (DCPL) from 1 July.

DCPL officers now appear as the applicant in all court matters in child protection order proceedings and are subject to a new duty of disclosure. Also from 1 July, the court has an expanded authority to allow a significant person in a child’s life to take part in the proceeding under the amended section 113 of the Child Protection Act 1999.

The Childrens Court Rules 2016 also commenced on 1 July, while Judge Michael Shanahan approved new forms for use under the Childrens Court Act 1992. The forms, effective from 1 July, are available on the Queensland Courts website.

The DCPL website went live last week and provides information about the DCPL and the director, along with contact details. Visitors may also provide feedback to the DCPL.

The DCPL guidelines are being reviewed by the director and will be available publicly on the DCPL website in due course.

Access a child protection reform information sheet here.