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Build your profile and your business - Contribute to Proctor

Build your personal professional profile and your organisation’s reputation – submissions for the July, August and September editions of Proctor are now welcome.

This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the legal industry and see your work published in Queensland’s leading legal industry magazine, read by more than 7,000 subscribers. You can even earn CPD points!

Themes for upcoming editions and potential content include:

July: Business development and marketing

  • The law and consumer marketing
  • Evolution of your firm’s marketing strategies and business development initiatives
  • Case studies of successful Queensland, national and international firms.

August: In the regions

  • Description of regional moves (background, differences in environments and end result)
  • Ways to attract more lawyers to regional areas
  • The challenge of succession planning.

September: Practice culture and wellbeing

  • Organisational values: how to develop and implement them
  • The modern law firm structure and how this affects culture
  • The nice-to-haves at a workplace (eg fresh fruit) and performance incentives – do they work?

Articles beyond these themes are also welcome, be they technical, historical, sage or humorous. If you have associates in other industries that would like to contribute content, they are also welcome.

We are also looking for dining and travel articles. So if you live or holiday in regional Queensland, we’d love to hear from you.

Submissions are due six weeks before publication (eg submissions for August Proctor are due mid-June) and should be approximately 800 words for a single page or 1,400 words for a double page spread. A good quality head and shoulders photograph to accompany the piece would be appreciated. Please read the Guidelines for contributors for more details or contact proctor@qls.com.au.