Queensland Law Society

Call for comments - Inquiry on strategies to prevent and reduce criminal activity in Queensland

Your comments are needed for the Society’s submission on the government’s draft terms of reference for an inquiry into criminal activity. 

The Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee will examine strategies to prevent and reduce criminal activity in Queensland.

The draft terms of reference include

  • the trends and type of criminal activity in Queensland, having regard to available crime statistics and issues in relation to unreported crime
  • the social and economic contributors to crime
  • the impacts of this criminal activity on the community and individuals, including the social and economic impacts
  • the effectiveness (including the cost effectiveness) of crime prevention strategies such as imprisonment, justice reinvestment, early intervention, alternative dispute resolution, and other models used in national and international jurisdictions
  • the experiences of Queenslanders with regard to the criminal justice system, including the experiences of victims of sexual violence and/or domestic violence and their interactions with the Queensland Police Service, the courts, prosecuting authorities, legal and support services and compensation processes
  • possible strategies to increase collaboration and cooperation between various participants in the criminal justice system.

A submission closing date has not been set. The committee will publish a schedule for the Inquiry shortly and is due to report by 31 October 2014.  

Please provide your comments to senior policy solicitor Binny De Saram at b.desaram@qls.com.au