Queensland Law Society

Have your say and vote in the Council elections

Voting is now open in the Queensland Law Society 2011 Council elections and all members are encouraged to have their say at this crucial time in the profession’s history.

The 2012-13 Council will help see the profession through the National Legal Profession Reform and transform the Society into a membership-based organisation.

This is a prime opportunity for all full members to take an active role in the governance of Queensland legal practitioners and help build a Council team that supports their interests.

Candidates’ profiles can be accessed on the e-elections site, providing members with an overview of each candidate’s professional history and priorities.

By now, members should have received an email linking them to the electronic voting form. This user-friendly form allows them to easily choose candidates and submit their vote.

All members will receive a confirmation email shortly after voting that will require them to click and confirm their vote. This is a security measure and must be fulfilled for the vote to count.

Voting closes 4 pm Wednesday 5 October and results will be announced Friday 7 October.

For more information, contact elections@qls.com.au or phone 07 3842 5888.