Queensland Law Society

Integrity Act reform to help legal practitioners

Queensland Law Society has successfully lobbied Government for amendments to the Integrity Act 2009 to assist legal practitioners in dealing with government agencies. Concerns had been expressed to the Society that some agencies were refusing to deal with legal practitioners on behalf of their clients unless practitioners were registered as lobbyists under the Act.

Queensland Law Society has lobbied government to clarify the exemption for legal practitioners under the Act. In response to the Society’s concerns, the Premier tabled in Parliament the Integrity Reform (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2010, which will amend the Act to:

  • clarify that an entity carrying on the business of providing legal services as an Australian legal practitioner or a law practice under the Legal Profession Act 2007 only carries out incidental lobbying activities and is not a lobbyist requiring registration; and
  • provide that contacting a government agency only for the purpose of making a statutory application (such as a licence, permit or other authority) is not a lobbying activity.

The Society will keep its members informed of the passage and commencement of these amendments.