Queensland Law Society

Make a difference in the profession and your community – join a QLS policy committee

As a member of one of our 27 policy and advisory committees,  you will contribute our advocacy on  current public issues, State Government Bills and potential areas of law reform.

Committees carry out a wide range of functions including:

  • policy recommendations and implementation
  • providing expert advice to Queensland Law Society’s Council on issues of legislative reform
  • commenting on policy/legislative initiatives and reports by Government and relevant authorities
  • bringing attention to problems with the law and seeking appropriate amendments.

The policy and advisory committees provide a forum for considering practical problems affecting members and bring a wide range of issues to their attention.

Policy and advisory Committees available for nomination are:

  • Access to Justice/Pro Bono Committee
  • Accident Compensation / Tort Law Committee
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee
  • Banking and Financial Services Law Committee
  • Competition and Consumer Committee
  • Children’s Law Committee
  • Company Law Committee *
  • Construction & Infrastructure Law Committee *
  • Criminal Law Committee
  • Early Career Lawyers Committee
  • Elder Law Committee
  • Energy & Water Committee
  • Equalising Opportunities in Law Committee
  • Family Law Committee
  • Franchising Law Committee
  • Government Lawyers Committee
  • Health and Disabilities Committee
  • Industrial Law Committee
  • Insolvency Law Committee *
  • International Law / Relations Committee
  • Litigation Rules Committee
  • Mining and Resources Committee
  • Planning & Environment Law Committee
  • Practice Development and Management Committee
  • Property & Development Law Committee
  • Revenue Law Committee
  • Succession Law Committee
  • Technology and Intellectual Property Committee

* These Committees co-sit as Law Council of Australia and QLS Committees. Joining is subject to QLS’ and Law Council of Australia’s discretion.

The functioning and membership of the policy committees is governed by the QLS Committee Charter 2010.

Our committees are growing in strength and influence each year. If you would like to discuss joining a committee, please contact Shane Budden, Manager Policy and Advocacy on 07 3842 5998 or  submit your written expression of interest form, together with a short CV, to advocacy@qls.com.au.