Queensland Law Society

Land Valuation Bill 2010 introduced into Parliament

Last week, Minister Robertson introduced the Land Valuation Bill 2010 into Parliament to fulfil the Government’s commitment to reform the State’s valuation system after opposition from Queensland Law Society and other stakeholders to the amendments introduced earlier in the year.

The Society had been closely consulted by Government in the formation of the new Land Valuation Bill and had its major concerns addressed:

  • excluding the value of intangible elements related to activities upon land, such as leases, agreements or mortgages, from the assessment of land value (see proposed section 17(2))
  • having an open and transparent objections and appeals process which does not unfairly exclude land owners
  • appropriate recourse to review of administrative and valuation decision-making (administrative decision-making now will be internally reviewable and externally reviewable by QCAT, valuation decision-making may be reviewed without fetter by the Land Court)

We welcome the Government’s consultative approach to this legislation and also ensuring that the views of stakeholders were actioned.