Queensland Law Society

Notice of Admission Sittings - Rockhampton


Legal Profession Act 2007 (Qld) Section 34

[Supreme Court (Admission) Rules 2004 Rules 12A and 12B]


The Legal Practitioners Admissions Board gives notice of an admission sitting to take place

at the Supreme Court of Queensland in

Rockhampton, Queensland

(Insert Brisbane, Rockhampton, Townsville or Cairns)

on Monday

the 9th

day of November


(Insert day of the week)

(Insert date)

(Insert month)

Notices of intention to apply for admission to the legal profession for each applicant can be found at the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting website at http://www.queenslandreports.com.au/qlr/db-qlr-editions/

Any persons wishing to determine who is applying for admission at such admission sitting

should view the following editions of the Queensland Law Reporter

[2015] 40 QLR – 16 October 2015

[2015] 41 QLR – 23 October 2015

(Insert Queensland Law Reporter edition and date numbers)

To lodge an objection to a person’s admission, or make inquiries about a person’s admission, contact the Legal Practitioners Admissions Board at GPO Box 1785, Brisbane QLD 4001, or by email at admissions@qls.com.au or by telephone at (07) 3842 5985.  Any objection to an application for admission must state the objector’s name, contact details, and grounds for the objection in writing and be signed, dated and lodged with the Board at the above PO Box or email address not later than 4 p.m. on:


day of



(Specify the date that is ten days before the admission sitting)

Dated this 14th day of October, 2015


Secretary to the Board

Note: This notice is to be published on the internet websites of the Supreme Court, Queensland Bar Association, Queensland Law Society and Incorporated Council of Law Reporting as well as in the Courier Mail and/or a newspaper published in, and circulated throughout, Cairns, Townsville or Rockhampton at least 21 days before each admission sitting of the Supreme Court of Queensland.