Queensland Law Society

QLS backs calls for a national judicial commission

Queensland Law Society has backed calls by the Law Council of Australia to introduce a federal judicial commission, following a piece published in The Australian newspaper today.

QLS President Ken Taylor said the Society had called for a judicial commission at a state level previously, and he was in agreeance that a national one would also assist the justice system.

“The Society has called for a judicial commission to be established in Queensland for quite some time,” Mr Taylor said.

“This has been a key item in our previous Call to Parties documents for Queensland elections, as we firmly believe that a commission would preserve and enhance a strong and independent judiciary.”

Mr Taylor explained that a judicial commission at both state and federal levels would strengthen public confidence in the administration of justice and also ensure all processes around judicial appointments, conduct and education remained open, transparent and independent.

“Our judiciary is made up of qualified and intelligent legal experts who are at the coalface of our justice system,” he said.

“We aren’t suggesting that there are major issues with any members of the judiciary, but we are supportive of anything that will strengthen not only public faith in our judges but also protect them from any unfounded allegations.”

A judicial commission can also assist in removing the perception of political appointments, address allegations of judicial misconduct and provide not only independence but ongoing education and support to the judiciary.

Law Council of Australia president Morry Bailes told The Australian that “unjustified complaints may damage the reputation of judicial officers.”

Mr Taylor agreed that protecting the judiciary and the overall workings of the justice system was paramount to maintaining fair and equal justice in the country.

“I am pleased to see the LCA leading the way on this important call, and we support the move completely.”

The full article can be found at this link (subscription item)