Queensland Law Society

Queensland Law Society Council elections results

We are pleased to announce the results of the Queensland Law Society 2012-13 Council elections. Congratulations to all those who have been elected. It has been great to see the innovative ways our candidates engaged with the membership and embraced the new and different methods of getting their campaign messages across.

Thank you also to all our members who voted for playing an active role in their Society.

This Council will see us through significant change in the next two years and clearly many members recognised that by voting.

The Queensland Law Society 2012-13 Council is:

President: John de Groot

Deputy President: Annette Bradfield

Vice President: Ian Brown

Ordinary Members of Council:

  • Genevieve Dee
  • Bill Potts
  • Rohan Armstrong
  • Suzanne Greenwood
  • Joanne Parisi
  • Michael Fitzgerald
  • Warren Denny
  • Paul Tully

Deborah Awyzio continues as the Attorney-General’s nominee on Council.

E-election success

Our first e-election saw all candidates conduct wide-ranging campaigns, making creative use of flexible electronic platforms, using the e-elections website, social networking sites and web-based campaign materials. Our aim was to make the system as convenient as possible and encourage greater member participation. This was demonstrated by an increase in voter turnout with 2,346 members, or 29percent of eligible members voting. Your feedback is important to us. Please email elections@qls.com.au with any comments regarding e-elections.