Queensland Law Society

Queensland solicitors keep costs fair and just

Queensland Law Society stated today recent media regarding legal costs referred to an isolated incident and that, on the whole, solicitors kept costs fair and just.

Society president Bruce Doyle said instances of gross, unfair overcharging were rare within the profession.

“We have comprehensive legislation and regulations, as well as the Legal Services Commission, in place to protect consumers and support the profession.

“Any instances of over-charging will not be tolerated but these are few and far between.

“Solicitor-client relationships should be established at the outset with a costs agreement that provides both parties with detailed information of the anticipated costs in their legal matter.

“In fact, this is part of our legislation – the Legal Profession Act 2007 dedicates some 42 pages containing 50 sections to the subject of costs disclosure and assessment.

“The Queensland legal profession is dedicated to fairness and transparency in client costs.”


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