Queensland Law Society

Transparency in DV data a welcome move for Queenslanders

Yesterday, the Queensland Government announced the publishing of regular court statistics and cases concerning domestic and family violence to assist in raising the community’s trust in the justice system.

QLS president Ken Taylor said that this was a welcome step towards strengthening not only trust in the justice system but community understanding of the judicial process.

“Queensland Law Society has dedicated policy committees that advocate for the best laws to protect and serve the community,” he said.

“Actions such as these work towards our shared goal of communicating the role of Queensland’s legal system to members at all levels of our society.

“By providing transparency around reform, up-to-date statistics and ongoing cases before the Courts, Queenslanders are given a glimpse into their justice system – a system that is there for them.”

The quarterly release of data will include the numbers of domestic violence applications lodged, domestic violence orders made, penalties imposed for breaches of orders, and the number of strangulation offences.

Mr Taylor said that the Society were also doing their part in supporting domestic and family violence prevention and prosecution.

“The Society recently introduced a special policy committee on top of criminal law and family law to focus on supporting the best laws and actions around domestic and family violence.

“With this week ending Queensland’s Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month, this is a timely announcement.

“We look forward to working with the government, legal profession and the community to ensure Queensland’s most vulnerable have access to the best laws and protection available to them.”