Queensland Law Society

Yearly account of accomplishments

Our 2011/12 annual report is now available and includes operational highlights, insightful statistics on the legal profession and a wrap-up of member events and services – you might even see yourself in these pages!

Of particular interest is a synopsis of Queensland Law Society’s:

  • Advocacy activities, particularly highlight issues for the year
  • Ethics Centre actions, such as our role in helping develop the Australian Solicitors Conduct Rules
  • Practice Support’s performance, including take-up of the Practice Health Check
  • major Learning and Development events, such as our 50th anniversary Symposium, Family Law Residential and Insurance Intensive
  • Professional Standards’ introduction of trust account compliance reviews.

On the numbers side, through smart management of controllable costs and increasing movement from paper-based to electronic processes, we reported a surplus of $722k which will be invested into services and offerings that best meet members’ needs.

Other noteworthy statistics include snapshots of Queensland solicitors’ age, gender and location, number of practising certificates and types of referrals that practices received via the QLS website.

Access Queensland Law Society’s 2011/12 annual report and see how we’ve served you this year.

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