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20 December 2013 – Magistrate appointments a welcome gift to the bench

Queensland Law Society today congratulated three new magistrate appointees, and commended the government on its decision.

18 December 2013 – Brave step for grave problem

Queensland Law Society said today the government’s acceptance of child protection inquiry recommendations was a brave step to address a grave problem.

27 November 2013 – Scorecard a first for the profession

The Access to Justice Scorecard provides an assessment of the workings of our legal system including the fairness of our laws, dispute resolution, Queenslanders’ access to legal help and the capacity of our access to justice system.

22 November 2013 – Amendments to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 2013

The Queensland Building Services Authority has clarified aspects of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act, which is expected to commence on 1 December. This information corrects a number of inaccurate reports which have been circulating within the legal profession.

20 November 2013 – Change to the Supreme Court Applications List start time - 21 November to 29 November 2013

Due to the large number of applications listed this week and next for the Supreme Court of Queensland, the applications list will start at 9am every morning starting tomorrow Thursday 21 November 2013, up to and including Friday 29 November 2013.

23 October 2013 – 2013 Council election results are in!

The results are in for the Queensland Law Society 2013 Council election!

16 October 2013 – Executive overreach a danger to all

This week has brought significant legislative developments from the Queensland Government which impact on the profession and the rights of all Queenslanders.

15 October 2013 – Significant changes to Qld workers’ compensation scheme announced today

This morning the Attorney-General announced that the government would introduce a 5% impairment threshold for access to common law workers’ compensation claims. Before lunch he introduced urgent legislation to implement those reforms. By the end of the week the legislation will be passed.

30 September 2013 – Queensland Law Society venue facilities

Queensland Law Society offers a professional conference venue and a range of meeting rooms which are conveniently located in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD at Law Society House, Level 2, 179 Ann Street, Brisbane.

20 September 2013 – Be part of the big picture – join a QLS committee

You’re invited to be at the forefront of legislative and legal profession issues – submit your interest for policy committee membership. 22 of our 27 committees are open for applications, ranging from specific areas of law to general legal profession issues.

16 September 2013 – Justice and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2013

The Justice and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2013 was passed on 20 August 2013 and received royal assent on 29 August 2013. The Act makes amendments to a number of Acts. Members may be interested in the following Act changes which came into force on 29 August 2013.

30 August 2013 – QLS Symposium 2014 – save the date

QLS Symposium will be held on 21-22 March 2014. At Symposium you can expect to ‘stay ahead’ by gaining perspectives from experts and peers on how to tackle the current challenges of legal practice.

23 August 2013 – Queensland Law Society quoted extensively during Queensland Parliament sitting this week

During the lengthy debate the week for the Justice and Other Legislation Amendment Bill, the Queensland Law Society was quoted extensively and a number of our recommendations to the Parliamentary Committee were adopted.

31 July 2013 – Plan for partnership with the profession

Our 2013-18 strategic plan and 2013-14 corporate plan aim to provide you with products and services specific to your needs, and to build a stronger professional partnership with you.

26 July 2013 – New BCCM Form 14 to come into force on 1 August 2013

The Queensland Government Gazette today includes a notification that a new version of Form 14 (Information Sheet) under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 will come into force on Thursday 1 August 2013 (version 11).

2 July 2013 – July Proctor now available online for members now!

What does ‘corporate sustainability’ mean for a law firm? Rebecca Michalak answers that question in this month’s Proctor with an article that explains the six phases of sustainability and looks at how employee wellbeing initiatives can make a positive impact. Access online

1 July 2013 – Proctor reader survey 2013

Take the 2013 Proctor reader survey for your chance to win over $1000 in wine

29 May 2013 – Media release: Nothing broken with workers’ compensation

Queensland Law Society said today it welcomed the Workers’ Compensation Review report from the Parliament’s Finance and Administration Committee and was pleased to see support for the current regime.

24 May 2013 – Government legal officers and practising certificates

Do you think you are a government legal officer? Do you need a practising certificate?

21 May 2013 – QLS Annual Ball 2013 – image gallery

Check out the photos from the QLS Annual Ball - you may see someone you know!

21 May 2013 – Law Week promotes law's strength

Queensland Law Society was involved in a number of events in Law Week 2013, held 13-19 May. These events presented current issues to stakeholders and the public, promoted the profession’s important role to the community, and celebrated our professional pride with our members.

16 May 2013 – We are hiring! Instructional Designer and Trainer

Experienced instructional designer and trainer required to design, develop and deliver training and assessment materials, and provide support and feedback to students. Apply online now!

15 May 2013 – Media release: QLS unearths Brisbane’s dark side

Queensland Law Society will expose the sinister, sordid and surprising criminal history of Brisbane’s iconic landmarks at a free presentation at the Law Week Open Day 2013 on 18 May at the Brisbane Courts Precinct.

10 May 2013 – Make a difference on the Free Legal Advice Panel

As a result of the resignation of Brian Bartley (of Bartley Cohen) as a member of the Free Legal Advice Panel, we now invite Queensland Law Society members to apply to be appointed to the Free Legal Advice Panel.

9 May 2013 – Media release: Government comes round on YJ conferencing

Queensland Law Society (QLS) today welcomed the government’s proposed introduction of a community reparation model, similar to the court-ordered youth justice conferencing previously in place. Read full media release online.

7 May 2013 – We are hiring! Helpdesk Officer

Reporting to the Information Systems Team Leader, you’ll be responsible for ensuring the delivery of information system services to QLS staff and first level support for QLS members interacting with QLS through our website.

1 May 2013 – QLS proposes move from stat body

We’re seeking member feedback on a planned change to our corporate structure. Currently a statutory body, we propose to shift structures to a company limited by guarantee.

30 April 2013 – May edition of Proctor available online now for members!

Wellbeing and resilience are a key concern for all lawyers. This month’s Proctor supports the QLS love law, live life campaign with articles that highlight practical steps for practitioners and firms to improve their wellbeing, the particular problems in this area for early career lawyers, and the importance of psychosocial risk management. Access online

24 April 2013 – Media release: JP (Quals) could compound dispute unease

Queensland Law Society is concerned about the decision to trial Justices of the Peace (Qualified) to preside with legally experienced Justices of the Peace over certain QCAT matters. Read full media release online.

24 April 2013 – Brave new webinar world

Next month, Queensland Law Society will launch a new webinar service as part of our professional development (PD) offering.

17 April 2013 – We are hiring: Membership and Marketing Manager

Responsible for developing and implementing targeted marketing and engagement strategies to ensure retention, growth of membership and revenue targets are met through the uptake of our products and services. Read full details online!

16 April 2013 – Media release: Unexplained wealth law a mystery

Queensland Law Society said today they were mystified at why proposed unexplained wealth legislation was introduced when similar legislation already exists. President Annette Bradfield said that the Criminal Proceeds Confiscation Act 2002 already enabled judges to penalise people convicted of major crime and drug offences in this manner. Read full media release online.

3 April 2013 – We are hiring! Position: Advertising Executive

A diverse role offering you the opportunity to build on your account management skills and to enhance our ability to reach new and existing advertising clients. Read full position details

29 March 2013 – June Proctor now available online for members now!

Are you hoping for promotion? New research suggests that practitioners who put in long hours are the most likely to get ahead – but does this really reward the most deserving candidates? The June edition of Proctor also has everything you wanted to know about interest awards in the courts. Access online

25 March 2013 – Will precedents guide volume 4 - on sale now!

Do you have an interest in wills and estates? QLS, with the greatly appreciated assistance of McCullough Robertson’s Tim Whitney, have updated the Will precedents guide.

25 March 2013 – Latest release of 'Legal guide for primary producers' available now!

Latest release of 'Legal guide for primary producers' is available online for member now!

20 March 2013 – Media release: QLS counsels a considered approach to CJ’s proposed changes

Queensland Law Society (QLS) said today that changing the balance in the criminal justice system required careful consideration and consultation, in light of the issues raised by Chief Justice Paul de Jersey on Friday 15 March. Read full media release.

12 March 2013 – Media release: Global Rein exposes challenges

Queensland Law Society and Women Lawyers Association of Queensland are hosting a breakfast with iconic entrepreneur Thérèse Rein presenting on Challenges for a Global Leader. Read full media release

12 March 2013 – Media release: Drug laws high on ambiguity

Queensland Law Society said today proposed amendments to Queensland’s drug laws were ambiguous in a number of important aspects, exposing lawful activity to potential criminal sanctions. Read full media release

12 March 2013 – Media release: Resourceful Symposium attracts the best minds

The legal profession’s thought leaders in mining, energy and resources law will present on current issues for this major economic pillar at Queensland Law Society’s Symposium on 15-16 March. Read full media release

12 March 2013 – QLS position vacant: Advertising Executive

This is a diverse role offering you the opportunity to build on your account management skills and to enhance our ability to reach new and existing advertising clients. In addition to the role’s primary advertising function, you will also be given the opportunity to work closely with the Sponsorship Manager on a range of diverse sponsorship and events activities. Read full position details

4 March 2013 – March Proctor now available online for members now!

Highlights of the March edition of Proctor include a lead story on the new national econveyancing system and former High Court Chief Justice Sir Gerard Brennan discussing the application of the rule of law in everyday practice. Research shows that switching to part-time work may not be the career-killer we previously thought, and you can see how our members sprang into action to help their community in battered Bundaberg. Mediators will find a report which goes to the “edges of orthodoxy” in mediation of particular interest. Access online

25 February 2013 – QLS media release: LAWASIA moves headquarters

International law association LAWASIA will move offices from Queensland to New South Wales later this year, after almost a decade being hosted by the Queensland Law Society. Read full story online.

18 February 2013 – Latest QLS submissions

The latest QLS submissions to Parliamentary Inquiries are available for access online.

13 February 2013 – Media release: Lawyers and working in the Asian Century

Queensland Law Society is providing a forum for sharing knowledge about key legal developments and reflecting on changes in the profession that the Asian century can bring. President Annette Bradfield said QLS Symposium 2013, the Society’s signature annual conference, would examine the legal profession’s regional ambitions and potential. Read full story online

13 February 2013 – Publication of QLS’ police referral list: version 3 available online now!

The QLS police referral list for criminal law matters is now in use in police stations across Queensland. Members of the Society can access an updated version 3 of the list and the nomination form online.

13 February 2013 – Update on transitional issue in lodging development applications

Recent amendments to the Sustainable Planning Act which took effect immediately on the date of assent (22 November 2012) have created a transitional risk for clients and solicitors lodging development applications. Read full story

11 February 2013 – Media release: Government change to benefit thousands

Queensland Law Society today congratulated the state government on its review of legislation that could have a positive impact on thousands of property-related businesses and consumers. Read full media release

1 February 2013 – February edition of Proctor now available for members!

This edition includes: new Alternative Dispute Resolution column, and feature articles How to stop lawyers leaving law firms, and Residential tenancies 101 – the basis for every lawyer. Find out more about the new QLS president Annette Bradfield in her first President’s report A year for all lawyers. Access Proctor online

29 January 2013 – New guidance note from our Ethics Centre

The Ethics Centre has published a new guidance note for members whose law practices are affected by recent flooding and extreme weather conditions - access online!

29 January 2013 – Guidance note for members whose law practices are affected by recent flooding and extreme weather conditions

11 January 2013 – Welcome to our new President

We warmly welcome Annette Bradfield as Queensland Law Society’s 2013, and 60th, President. Annette is a partner of Fox Bradfield Lawyers practising primarily in property and commercial law.

11 January 2013 – Symposium 2013 special offer for past attendees!

Did you attend Symposium 2010, 2011 or 2012? If so, register before 8 February 2013 to receive the special past delegate rate of $900. To secure this rate, please complete this exclusive offer registration form and send with accompanying payment prior to 8 February 2013.

7 January 2013 – We are hiring! Senior Trust Account Investigator

You will work with a team of professionals to undertake trust account investigations within law practices to assess a firm’s compliance with the legislative requirements in the Legal Profession Act 2007 - apply online now!

6 January 2013 – Admission sittings for January 2013

The next admission ceremony is on 29 January 2013, access details on the collection dates of application documents.