Queensland Law Society

Human Rights Inquiry report released

The report from the parliamentary Human Rights Inquiry is now available. Queensland Law Society made submissions to the inquiry on 22 April and appeared at the parliamentary Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee public hearing.

The committee examined whether it is appropriate and desirable to legislate for human rights in Queensland, a seminal issue for all Queenslanders.

The report does not reach an agreed conclusion on whether it would be appropriate and desirable to introduce Queensland human rights legislation. The report references several of the Society’s key proponent and opponent perspectives, including:

  • that Australia’s international obligations are not legally binding under Australian laws unless specific Australian laws bring these into force
  • that an Act would foster proactive consideration of human rights to avoid the need for remedy at later stages
  • the non-government members’ position that addressing human rights issues is best achieved through direct legislative change (agreeing with the Honourable Richard Chesterman’s comments)
  • the limitation of human rights and the risk of pursuing individual rights at the expense of upholding community peace and order.