Queensland Law Society

Inquiry into nationhood, national identity and democracy

Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee has been referred the above inquiry, due to report by May 2020. The Inquiry will make particular reference to:

  1. the changing notions of nationhood, citizenship and modern notions of the nation state in the twenty first century;
  2. rights and obligations of citizenship, including naturalisation and revocation, and the responsibility of the state to its citizens in both national and international law;
  3. social cohesion and cultural identity in the nation state;
  4. the role that globalisation and economic interdependence and economic development plays in forming or disrupting traditional notions of national identity;
  5. contemporary notions of cultural identity, multiculturalism and regionalism;
  6. the extent to which nation states balance domestic imperatives and sovereignty and international obligations;
  7. comparison between Australian public debate and policy and international trends; and
  8. any other related matters.

The Discussion paper is available here.

Please provide comments by 20 September.