Queensland Law Society

Justice and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2019

On Friday 17 January 2020, QLS attended a public hearing on a bill before parliament that amends 33 acts and 4 regulations across a number of areas including civil and criminal amendments. The Society, in promoting good law, good lawyers and the public good, advocated:

  • For the protection of the right to maintain a claim for privilege against self-incrimination under the Coroners Act 2003 in circumstances where the amendment would also have retrospective application.
  • That broadening the scope of ‘Restricted premises orders’ in the proposed changes to the Peace and Good Behaviour Act 1982 may have unintended consequences.
  • Ambiguity in amendments to the Civil Proceedings Act 2009 would cause delays and increased costs in proceedings and should therefore be rectified.
  • That the proposal to increase, to $80,000, the value of property offences which must be determined in the Magistrates Court may impact on the accused’s ability to access legal assistance and put further pressure on existing court and other resources.

QLS provided a written submission on the bill available here.