Queensland Law Society

LPAB strengthens commitment to resilience and wellbeing

The Legal Practitioners Admissions Board (LPAB), the entry point for graduates wishing to be admitted as lawyers in Queensland, has strengthened its support for resilience and wellbeing in the legal profession.

Following consideration of how it can further safeguard standards and support improved legal education and practical legal training for those seeking admission to the profession, the board has announced that it is in the process of becoming a signatory to the Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation Psychological Wellbeing: Best Practice Guidelines for the Legal Profession.

It has also added links to the LPAB webpage for Love Law, Live Life as well as LawCare and BarCare. In future, the page will contain links to the Queensland Law Society Open Day to promote Law Week in May of each year and complimentary events conducted by QLS to coincide with Mental Health Week in October.

The inaugural edition of the Queensland Lawyers’ Companion, a handbook that the board intends to present to newly admitted practitioners from the first admission ceremony in February 2017 and onwards, also contains a chapter dedicated to the personal wellbeing of newly admitted lawyers.

The board believes that these initiatives will ensure law graduates who access the LPAB for admission purposes will have the opportunity to also access information on resilience and wellbeing.