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Are you noticing a change in your mood? It can be hard to motivate yourself when the weather outside is cold and daylight is shorter. You’re not alone—beat the winter blues with the following tips:

  • Diet—we crave high-sugar food because carbohydrates can increase serotonin levels, which affect our mood. Instead focus on complex carbohydrates like pasta, rice, or fruit.
  • Exercise—maximise your mornings and exercise, and do something different every day.
  • Sleep—oversleeping, or fluctuations in our sleep patterns, can adversely affect our mood. Get into a routine of sleeping at least 6–8 hours per night, rather than assuming you can make up the ‘sleep debt’ at a later time.
  • Get outside—when possible, get out and enjoy the Queensland sunshine.
  • Do things and spend time with people who bring you joy—try not to let the winter weather send you into hibernation. Connect with friends and family and avoid isolating yourself.

To read more about ways to enhance your wellbeing this winter, login to LawCare’s EAP portal where you can browse expert-developed material. You will find over 120 tip sheets on a variety of topics, webcasts and other resources. LawCare is your partner in health and wellbeing. It’s yours to use.