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LawCare: Top prevention tips for lawyers

There are times as a lawyer when work has to be a priority, however it is still important to maintain positive functionality.

Norton Rose Fulbright director of people and development Rolf Moses, a member of the QLS Wellbeing Working Group, met with Growth Psychology principal psychologist Shari Walsh to look at her top tips on functioning well as a busy lawyer. Her tips include:

  • Monitoring alcohol intake – While aiding relaxation, alcohol can cause problems in the long term.
  • Minimising coffee – Research indicates that caffeine increases adrenaline flow and feelings of stress.
  • Eating healthily – It is proven that eating more fruit and vegetables results in better psychological health.
  • Taking time out – Throughout the day, it is important to take time to think about something else.
  • Sleep – Try implementing strategies to put your body in sleep mode prior to going to bed, to allow your body and mind to switch off.

Find out more by watching the Preventative tips for lawyers video or visit the QLS website and access the wellbeing resources.

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