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As lawyers, you are sometimes exposed to human tragedy, extreme fear and anxiety. You can consequently experience vicarious trauma. How you are affected can vary. Distress is often not recognised until your capacity to do your job is affected.

It is important for managers to create a supportive work environment to reduce the level of anxiety for the employee who is experiencing vicarious trauma. This may take the form of:

  • practical and emotional support such as providing mentoring or additional coaching by a person other than the line manager
  • a reduction of employee workload for a period of time
  • a discretionary leave of absence if needed
  • access to professional assistance
  • the provision of debriefs.

To read about symptoms, assistance and intervention strategies for managing vicarious trauma, login to LawCare’s EAP portal where you can browse expert-developed material. You will find over 120 tip sheets on a variety of topics, webcasts and other resources. LawCare is your partner in health and wellbeing. It’s yours to use.