Queensland Law Society

Leasing law amendments a win for retail shop sector

Queensland Law Society has praised the state government’s amendment to leasing laws for the retail shop sector.

Society president Bill Potts said the passing of the Retail Shop Leases Act Amendment Bill 2015 will provide further clarity for retail shop business owners, buyers and sellers.

QLS was part of the reference group, comprising key retail sector and professional stakeholders, which provided comments and recommendations in relation to the draft bill.

Mr Potts said a number of amendments to the bill were recommended by QLS during this process.  

“I am pleased that the government has listened to concerns identified by QLS,” he said.

Mr Potts also welcomed the comments of the Attorney-General Yvette D’ath acknowledging the work of the reference group during the consultation process. 

“The broad stakeholder consultation which has occurred is a great example of how the interests of all parties can be accounted for and addressed during the legislative review process," he said.

“QLS is also supportive of periodic statutory reviews to ensure that legislation such as the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 continues to reflect the expectations of industry and the community.  Early and broad consultation is the key to good law.”

Some of the amendments recommended by QLS will allow the status quo to continue in relation to assigning retail shop leases and other amendments clarify technical drafting issues.


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