Queensland Law Society

Mineral, Water and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018

QLS, assisted by the Mining and Resources Law Committee, provided submissions on the Mineral, Water and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 and appeared before the State Development, Natural Resources and Agricultural Industry Development Committee at a public hearing on 9 March 2018 to discuss issues including:

  • inadequate timeframes for consultation
  • processes and legal representation in arbitration
  • changes to the definition of compensatable effect.

The parliamentary committee released its report on the Bill on 9 April 2018, which included a series of recommendations.

QLS is pleased to note that the parliamentary committee recommends legal representation as a right during arbitration. The Government response to the parliamentary committee’s report was tabled on 9 July 2018, providing support for several of the recommendations and setting out a process for further consultation with QLS on key aspects of the Bill identified by the Society as requiring additional consideration.