Queensland Law Society

Note on Supreme Court Practice Direction 14 of 2017

Supreme Court Practice Direction 14 of 2017 was signed by Chief Justice Catherine Holmes on 1 September 2017. The court has also issued a communique which explains that the practice direction, together with the amendment of section 67 of the Trusts Act 1973 and an amendment of rule 599 of the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999, means that an intent to apply for a grant of probate need only be advertised in the Queensland Law Reporter (QLR) (and not in a newspaper).

The changes to the advertising requirements will take effect from the date of commencement of section 252 of the Court and Civil Legislation Amendment Act 2017. The date of commencement is not yet known, though current indications are that it is likely to be towards the end of November.

Information about advertising in the QLR is available from the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for the State of Queensland.