Queensland Law Society

Parliamentary public hearing

On 19 July 2018, QLS representatives including Deputy President Bill Potts appeared before the parliamentary Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee on the public hearing of the Police Powers and Responsibilities and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018. The Society raised a number of concerns in relation to the Bill, including:

  • the ability of police officers to demand access to passwords for applications and subscriptions for any electronic storage device connected to the internet – whether or not they had any connection to the place or to the device
  • the lack of the reasonable suspicion threshold test in the establishment of a high-risk missing person scene
  • the ability of commissioned police officers to authorise the establishment of a missing person scene before obtaining a missing person warrant
  • the proposal to allow notices to appear regarding traffic offences to be served at an individual’s most recent address, which might lead to a significant increase in people failing to appear (and subsequent conviction in absence) on notices to appear due to non-receipt of relevant notices
  • the extension of police powers of search for persons detained for breaches of the peace.