Queensland Law Society

Payment scam warning

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is warning of a recent spike in the number of up-front payment and advanced fee frauds. The frauds, which are usually received via email, typically ask you to send money in order to later receive some sort of ‘reward’, such as a prize, discounted holiday, or pre-approved loan.

Recently, the Society was made aware of an attempt in which a member’s firm received what appeared to be an internal email. The fraudster had created a fake email address by impersonating an employee’s details – the only difference being that the ‘.au’ was omitted from the end of the address. This duplicitous address was then used to send an email requesting payment for a purported third-party invoice.

The Society encourages vigilance and careful consideration of requests for the transfer of funds. More information about up-front payments and advanced fee frauds is available from the ACCC.