Queensland Law Society

Phishing email alert

On Monday 11 February 2019, PEXA issued an alert about a phishing scam targeting their members. It is an example of a cyber-criminal creating an email to resemble PEXA communications.

The email implies that the reader has received a message from ‘ANZ RETAIL AND SMALL BUSINESS’. It includes a workspace number and requests the recipient to click on a link to read a message. It is likely that PEXA member email addresses were sourced from publicly available information online.

If you received this or a similar email you believe to be suspicious:

  • do not respond
  • do not click on links or download attachments
  • delete the email
  • report it to your relevant security administrator or email PEXA’s security team.

For further resources, visit the QLS cybersecurity page or the PEXA security page for an example of the phishing email.

Reminder: Multi-factor authentication is a very effective and low cost way to block many phishing scams. It puts two layers of defence between your systems and the attackers. It should be used to protect both your PEXA account and all email and firm data stores.