Queensland Law Society

President's update - 9 May 2018


Next week is Law Week – a time when we pause to reflect on the great work that we do as solicitors and the importance of the justice system to our local communities and the wider state.

There are many ways that you can get involved, including attending a QLS event such as our open day on Wednesday or our mental health breakfast on Thursday. The annual LawRight Legal Walk is held on Tuesday 15 May, and I encourage you to consider joining us on the morning.

Solicitors provide a great service to the community, through guiding your clients on complex matters; providing pro bono services to the vulnerable; offering your expertise to local community legal centres, district law associations, sporting groups and schools; and leading the way in your family and friendship groups for professional and ethical conduct.

It is important that we never lose sight of the great responsibility that we bear in guiding often vulnerable people through complex legal processes. Many areas of law involve complex emotional circumstances where we may often see people at their worst. We are the guardians of the law in those situations, where we have the chance to protect the vulnerable, stand up for the innocent and assist our local community members with their legal issues.

Should you ever require guidance on ethical issues or career moves, our QLS Senior Counsellors are here to help you. This group of experienced solicitors is available via phone to provide guidance to solicitors on a variety of professional problems. While their role is not to provide a second legal opinion, they can assist you with career advice, guidance on reporting options, act as an intermediary between QLS and a practitioner wishing to remain anonymous, and help you to deal with other issues you would like to ‘call a professional friend’ for advice on.

Communication with our QLS Senior Counsellors is confidential. You can find a QLS Senior Counsellor via the QLS website.

It is important to not struggle alone or delay contacting a QLS Senior Counsellor when you have decided to seek guidance.

Should you require assistance in managing stress, QLS members, their staff and family members are also eligible to utilise LawCare. This is a specialised wellbeing service provided by QLS through an external provider. You can find more information about LawCare and how they can assist you via the QLS website.


Ken Taylor, QLS president