Queensland Law Society

President's update

What a privilege it has been to have served as the 2018 QLS President. I was previously involved with the Society as a QLS Councillor for four years, but this year I have been able to witness firsthand the great work that QLS staff and committee members carry out day in, day out.

The dedication of you all has impressed me greatly. After a year of being in this role, I have gained not only a broader understanding of everything that Queensland Law Society does, but also the impact that we have on all facets of the profession and the community.

The great work that we achieve would not be possible without you – our members – and your support. Each and every one of you have contributed to our success in one way or another. It has been a pleasure for me to personally thank many of our members throughout the year.

Our annual appreciation event and committee chair breakfast gave us the opportunity to thank those who have worked on our committees, working groups or presented at our events. We have also been thanking our regional members when attending workshops and special events at the tail end of the year.

This year, it was a privilege to join in the celebrations of the Society’s 90th year of incorporation. Making it to 90 years as an organisation is a testament to our members and our profession. Your dedication, upholding of tradition and your passion for collegiality is reflected in this milestone.

It is also apt that I mention the great work that our CEO Rolf Moses has led this year since commencing with the Society in March. It has been a pleasure to work with Rolf as he drives the Society forward from an operational and business standpoint.

The QLS Council has also been wonderful to work with once again. We had some new faces on Council this year, as well as re-elected Councillors. Their support has been much appreciated as I took the reins in 2018.

QLS staff members are also to be commended, and I thank them greatly for their hard work, patience, dedication and passion for our members and wider profession.

Thank you to our eminent judiciary, colleagues at the Bar, Queensland’s Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath, Government and Opposition stakeholders, and of course Queensland’s Chief Justice the Honourable Catherine Holmes for your support of the Society this year.

Every person who is a part of Queensland Law Society is appreciated by myself, Rolf and the QLS Council. You are role models for not only other QLS members, but also the wider legal community. We thank you for your contributions to advancing justice, the community and the profession as a whole.

Last but not least, I thank my colleagues across this wide state, the directors and staff at my firm, my wife Lucia and my family for their support in 2018. I look forward to continuing to serve as Immediate Past President and participate with you into the future as a part of Queensland Law Society.

May you all have a relaxing, safe and Merry Christmas for 2018, and may the collegiality and civility we all strive for be ever present throughout the profession in 2019.

Ken Taylor, QLS President