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President's update

President's Update

Very pleased to be able to kick off this week’s Update with some very exciting news: new Legal Services Commissioner, Megan Mahon, will be the speaker at the next Aspire Leadership lecture, on Wednesday 6 November.

Megan has a strong track record of success as a leader. She has run her own firm, led the Queensland Law Society and is a former Executive Director of the Law Council of Australia. Megan is also a Director of the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation. The quality of her contribution to the profession has been officially recognised, as she was awarded the QLS 2017 President’s Medal and the WLAQ 2009 Woman Lawyer of the Year.

Megan’s journey to leadership, and the insights she has had along the way, should make for an entertaining and informative evening. Register here to secure your attendance at the lecture.

Just a heads up for those who work in-house, or would like to: QLS will be holding a Livecast on 8 November covering the top tips for in-house counsel, as devised by three of our experts from the in-house counsel committee. Jemima Harris, Eve Fraser and Melissa Scott have a wealth of experience in the in-house world and their insights should prove invaluable. You can register for the Livecast here.

Also looking ahead, one of our most important events, the QLS Succession and Elder Law Conference, will be held on 1–2 November 2019 at the Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa. A diverse and engaging programme, dealing with everything from the ever-vexing application of s33Z of the Succession Act and assisting executors to turn off digital assets, to ways in which you can boost brain function and slow the ageing process (I am definitely signing up or that one!). You can register here for the conference but don’t delay, it is a popular event and registration closes 29 October.

I want to send a big thank you to the CQLA and the collegial Rockhampton practitioners (and those who came from farther afield) for a great time at the conference last week. A great programme with many talented people giving up their time, combined with a group of engaged (and engaging) attendees meant that a good time was had by all. Kudos also to the organisers for a smooth and well-run event.

I have said before that the best perk of the Presidency is getting to meet our diverse and inspirational members, and this was yet more proof of that. When my term ends this year there are some things I won’t miss—finance committee meetings, anyone?—but I will miss these chances to enjoy the camaraderie of a profession and a membership that remains truly honourable and of great benefit to society, no matter what the shock jocks may say. I am very definitely proud to be a part of both!

Speaking of our proud and noble profession, you have barely 24 hours to have a say in who gets to run it (or at least the Queensland part of it). If you haven’t yet voted, you’d better get cracking because the polls close at 4 pm on 24 October. Eligible members will have by now received an email from the domain name mail1.bigpulse.com; further information here if you need.

I urge anyone who hasn’t voted to check out the candidate profiles and then cast a vote. It is important that our council be as reflective of our 13 000 members as it can be, so that it can work in the best interests of those members for the next two years. It won’t take much time and will ensure that your opinion counts.

Until next time,

Bill Potts, QLS President

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