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QLS Essentials Conference 2017

Presenter profile: Clarissa Rayward

Clarissa RaywardWhere does problem-solving end and innovation begin?

“Problem-solving goes hand in hand with law; after all, it’s what lawyers do for a living. Not only do we solve problems, but we are also asked every now and then to dust off the ol’ crystal ball and do a little problem prediction.”

– Clarissa Rayward, director, Brisbane Family Law Centre and QLS accredited specialist (family law)

Clarissa Rayward knows all about that invisible line separating the solving of problems that pop up in a client file; and anticipating problems that don’t yet exist (that is, innovation).

In her day job she is the director of Brisbane Family Law Centre and a strong advocate for collaborative practice and mediation, regularly undertaking work in these areas. She is also an accredited specialist in family law, immediate past president of the Family Law Practitioners Association of Queensland and works as an independent children’s lawyer and separate representative.

On top of her day-to-day legal practice, Clarissa is an accomplished innovator. Having identified a distinct absence of control, clarity and dignity in the way Australian families experience divorce and separation, Clarissa used her industry knowledge and skill to decelerate a big problem turning into an insurmountable one.

Her passion for making a difference in the lives of separating families and couples led to the creation of the popular ‘Happy Family Lawyer’ blog – which both demystifies the processes and empowers its readers – and her book, Splitsville: How to separate, stay out of court and stay friends.

Clarissa’s innovation credentials don’t end there. She is also passionate about improving levels of professional satisfaction and happiness for her fellow lawyers, and recently launched her podcast ‘Happy Lawyer, Happy Life’ along with a book of the same name, which provides advice to lawyers about being happy in their chosen career. The podcast has attracted a large following by distinguished members of the profession who share their personal stories and discuss fulfilment, both in and out of law.

We are excited to welcome Clarissa as part of a panel of fellow innovators at our QLS Essentials Conference 2017 on 7 July. The panel will discuss how embracing an innovative perspective can empower you to not only survive the wave of legal digital disruption, but also make waves of your own.

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