Queensland Law Society

QLS calls for second-hand law books to donate to the Office of the Public Solicitor in Port Moresby

QLS is calling for the following list of unwanted legal titles and editions to be donated to the Office of the Public Solicitor in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The Office of the Public Solicitor is a Constitutional Office, established in 1959 to provide legal assistance to all PNG citizens. 

It is both a Legal Aid Office and a provider of services to persons who might not qualify for aid but cannot afford a private lawyer.

Employing over 70 lawyers with offices in 14 Provinces and many Districts, it is the largest legal firm in PNG.

If you have any of the below titles in your collection and would like to donate them, please drop them in to QLS reception on level 2 of Law Society House (179 Ann Street, Brisbane City).

  1. Archbold (later than 1979)
  2. Bullen & Leake: Precedents of Pleadings
  3. Chitty on Contracts
  4. Clerk and Linsdell on Torts
  5. White Book - Supreme Court Practice
  6. Any texts on advocacy (particularly Nutley on Advocacy)
  7. Older pre - Family Law matrimonial texts (PNG is under the Matrimonial Causes Act)
  8. Cross on Evidence – Dyson Heydon
  9. Cheshire & Fifoot Law of Contract
  10. Williams Supreme Court Practice
  11. Any up to date Criminal Law texts (including Carter on Criminal Law. PNG has a Criminal Code Act)
  12. Any Human Rights texts
  13. Any texts on professional ethics
  14. Cordery on Solicitors – Arthur Cordery
  15. Authorised Reports – A.C. from 1991 onward, QB from 1991 onward.
  16. Halsbury’s Laws of England
  17. Queensland Reports (after 1990)
  18. Victorian Reports (1989 onward)
  19. Any texts on Statutory Interpretation
  20. Thomas on Sentencing
  21. Judicial Review - SA De Smith
  22. The Law of Costs – L.L Oliver
  23. Meagher, Gummow and Lehane’s Equity
  24. Any modern texts on the Law of Damages and assessment
  25. Texts on Discovery and interrogatories
  26. Fleming’s the Law of Torts (late edition)
  27. ALJR (after 2002)
  28. Aus. Crim Rep (after 2003)
  29. NSWLR (after 1989)
  30. Any relevant CLE material.

Thank you for your generous support and assistance.