Queensland Law Society

QLS delayed judgments service

Queensland Law Society provides members with a delayed judgments inquiry service under which the Society approaches the relevant court to inquire about specific judgments which have been delayed for three months or more. For the financial year of 2016-17 up to 16 March, the total number of delayed judgment matters received and actioned was 76.

The court receiving the most number of delayed judgment inquiries was the Federal Circuit Court with 21 matters, while the court with the lowest number of delayed judgment inquiries was the Court of Appeal with two matters.

Statistics for the other courts were: Family Court – 13 inquiries; District Court – 12 inquiries; QCAT – eight inquiries; Supreme Court – eight inquiries, and Magistrates Court – four inquiries.

By bringing these matters to the attention of the courts, they are often progressed in a timely manner.

The Land Court has recently introduced a reserved judgments service which enables parties to inquire directly about the progress of a judgment within the court.