Queensland Law Society

Reminder regarding online applications for the listing of criminal matters in the Magistrates Court

Practitioners are reminded that Practice Direction No 7. Of 2020 facilitates online applications for the listing of all criminal matters to the Magistrates Court by legal representatives. 

In particular, where a matter has a current listing date, a party may apply electronically, where the consent of the other party has been obtained, using the form here, for an order for:

a) A sentence date (including a short plea, lengthy plea or contested sentence)

b) An adjournment other than of a hearing

c) A date for a hearing of an application (including a bail application or a directions hearing)

d) A direction by the Court (including a direction for the provision of a brief of evidence).

We encourage practitioners to utilise options for electronic adjournment so as to limit the flow of people through the Court particularly at call-overs, where it is possible to do so.