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Review of the Intergovernmental Agreement for Electronic Conveyancing

In July 2008, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed there should be a new single national electronic system for settling real property transactions in all Australian States and Territories.

In 2011, all six states and the Northern Territory signed the Intergovernmental Agreement for an Electronic Conveyancing National Law (the IGA) to develop, implement and manage the regulatory framework for national e-conveyancing, including the legislation to support national e-conveyancing, the Electronic Conveyancing National Law (ECNL).

The IGA states that after it has operated for seven years, the parties to the IGA (the States and Territories), will review the IGA’s operation and terms, including the operation and terms of the ECNL.

Feedback about the IGA is sought from stakeholders via an online survey – responses will be treated anonymously, and will form part of the IGA review. The survey will remain open until the end of January 2019.

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