Queensland Law Society

The fight to balance emotion and common sense

Queensland Law Society President Bill Potts has written a Letter to the Editor applauding voice of reason – The Courier-Mail journalist Marg Wenham – on her reasonable and informed opinion editorial on the release of Robert John Fardon.

The media and community have been alight this week with concern, criticism, anger and confusion as serial sex offender Robert John Fardon was released into the community.

Queensland Law Society spoke to journalists and held a press conference explaining the release of Fardon, the lifting of the supervision order and the subsequent suppression order for seven days.

There have been many stories published online, broadcast and in print. Some sensationalistic, seeming to drum up a vigilante spirit amongst the community.

However, one piece stood out as a voice of reason in the form of Ms Wenham’s editorial.

Mr Potts letter – although unpublished by the newspaper – thanks Ms Wenham for being one of few to read the full judgment and appreciate the need for calm and balanced reporting in such an emotive case.

Read the letter.