Queensland Law Society

Titles Registry update – witnessing documents

Further to Titles Registry Alert 125 and recent changes to part 60, paragraph 60-0390 of Land Title Practice Manual relating to witnessing instruments and documents outside Australia, additional information and resources regarding signing and witnessing requirements is now available online.

The new web page provides an overview of Titles Registry requirements in relation to execution and witnessing both inside Australia and overseas.

The section on overseas witnessing also includes links to the certifications for use where an instrument or document is witnessed overseas.

Customers are reminded that there are two certifications:

  1. The Australian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate identity/witnessing certification which is to be used where the witness is an Australian consular officer or authorised employee at an Australian consular office. This certification should be completed on a blank page and should not be on a Form 20 – Schedule in accordance with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s requirements; and
  2. The Identity/witnessing certification form for use by other authorised witnesses (for example, notary publics, Australian lawyers) outside Australia. This certification should be completed on a Form 20 – Schedule.

Information provided on this page is an overview only and all relevant parts of the Land Title Practice Manual should be referred to prior to completion of either of the identity/witnessing certification forms.

For more information, call the Titles Registry on 1300 255 750 or email titlesinfo@dnrm.qld.gov.au.