Queensland Law Society

Warning as to representation of multiple co-accused

Practitioners are reminded of the substantial ethical risks arising from a proposed representation of multiple co-accused in criminal proceedings. The then President of the Court of Appeal in R v Pham [2017] QCA 43, [60] said:

[U]nless there is no possibility of conflict existing or emerging, and such cases will be rare, co-defendants should have separate legal representation.

Practitioners are referred to Guidance Statement No. 12 – Conflicts of Interest in Criminal and Crime & Corruption Commission Proceedings (Published 6 July 2018).

If you have any questions with respect to the representation of multiple co-accused, please contact Stafford Shepherd, Director QLS Ethics and Practice Centre |  Legal Practitioner Director, QLS Solicitor Support on 3842 5843 or ethics@qls.com.au .