Queensland Law Society

Western Australia to join Legal Profession Uniform Law scheme

The Western Australian Government has announced its intention to join the Legal Profession Uniform Law (LPUL) scheme, with the support of the Law Society of Western Australia.

Currently the LPUL operates in Victoria and New South Wales. It commenced in 2015 and has seen a number of changes since to address identified implementation issues.

Queensland Law Society has been reviewing how the LPUL has operated in the southern states through this introductory phase to determine the positive and negative impacts for the local legal professions.

We understand the Law Institute of Victoria has voiced concern about aspects of the implementation of the LPUL and further changes were being considered to address some of those issues.

Queensland Law Society is keen to ensure that any change in Queensland is to the benefit of the profession’s broad membership and their clients. There is little appetite in the profession or wider community to see an increase in legal fees to meet heightened compliance costs.

We will continue to assess this important issue closely and keep members informed.