Queensland Law Society

Our members

The roles of Queensland solicitors are as diverse as the community they serve, they’re integral to meeting the ongoing needs of business, government, the community, and individuals.

From helping people buy a new home or start a business, to representing a client in a relationship breakdown, to fighting for human rights or the environment - Queensland solicitors are vital.

Of our 10,100-plus full members:

  • 38% are under 35 years of age
  • 49% are female (64% of those under 35 are female)
  • 61% practise in Brisbane and its suburbs

Where our members work:

  • 9% are sole practitioners
  • 21% work in micro firms (2-5 practitioners)
  • 21% in small firms (6-19 practitioners)
  • 7% in medium firms (20-49 practitioners)
  • 19% in large firms (50+ practitioners)
  • 9% are in-house in practitioners in the corporate sector
  • 3% are in government
  • 10% work elsewhere

For more information about how to find a solicitor, what to expect when using a solicitor or how to become a solicitor can be found in the You & your solicitor section.