Queensland Law Society


The policy committees of the QLS develop policies and responses to government on proposed legislative amendments and consultation material by reviewing the proposals, discussing its impact on all potential stakeholders, and proposing any suggested amendments to address problems. They provide a forum to consider practical problems and also disseminate awareness information to members.

Membership is voluntary and is reviewed every two years by the President and Council. This system allows the Council to select from the widest possible QLS membership to ensure an appropriate age, gender and experience mix.

QLS has the following policy committees:

  • Access to Justice/Pro Bono Committee
  • Accident Compensation/Tort Law Committee
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee
  • Banking and Financial Services Law Committee
  • Children’s Law Committee
  • Corporations Law Committee
  • Competition and Consumer Law Committee
  • Construction and Infrastructure Law Committee
  • Criminal Law Committee
  • Domestic and Family Violence Committee
  • Elder Law Committee
  • Equity and Diversity Law Committee
  • Family Law Committee
  • Franchising Law Committee
  • Government lawyers committee
  • Health and Disability Law Committee
  • Industrial Law Committee
  • Innovation Committee 
  • Insolvency and Reconstruction Law Committee
  • Litigation Rules Committee
  • Mining and Resources Law Committee
  • Not for Profit Law Committee
  • Occupational Discipline Law Committee
  • Planning and Environmental Law Committee  
  • Property and Development Law Committee
  • Reconciliation and First Nations Advancement Committee
  • Revenue Law Committee
  • Succession Law Committee
  • Technology and Intellectual Property Law Committee

More information about committee membership (Members Only)