Queensland Law Society

Annual General Meeting

The Society will hold its AGM for the 2017-18 financial year on 4 December 2018. The AGM will officially confirm the 2017-18 annual report and financials. Members are welcome to attend.

As advised in the 2018 Notice of Annual General Meeting of Queensland Law Society Inc the first item of business will be to confirm the minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting, which took place on 16 November 2017.

Any member wishing to peruse the draft minutes can access them here.  

All members who attended the 2017 Annual General Meeting are invited to review the draft minutes and provide any comments to Ms Louise Pennisi, Corporate Secretary, via email at l.pennisi@qls.com.au on or before Friday 23 November 2018 for consideration prior to the 2018 AGM.