Queensland Law Society

Annual Report 2013-14

Our Annual Report 2013-14, tabled in state parliament on 30 September 2014, is now available for download. Please contact us with any questions or feedback regarding the content.

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This year’s annual report is divided into six sections for easier download and navigation.

Introduction (pages i-12)

This section provides a broad overview of our service and initiative results and our financial performance. It includes:

  • Year in review: highlights of our events, advocacy activity and important legal profession changes in 2013-14
  • Highlights 2013-14: our EOFY results based on our key performance indicators
  • President’s review: macroeconomic issues affecting practice
  • CEO’s review: who our members are and how they perceive us
  • Performance overview: our corporate plan aims, their achievement and outcomes
  • Membership snapshot: members by generation, gender and the type of law firm in which they work.

Serving our members (pages 13-36)

  • Reports on our strategies to grow membership including:
    • Creating and delivering services of value for specific membership segments based on the area of law in which they practise, the size of their firm and their career stage.
    • Redeveloping and re-positioning our learning and professional development offerings according to these segments and member feedback.

Leading our profession (pages 37-52)

  • Describes our results in leading the profession through setting professional standards, and providing ethical guidance and targeted advocacy. For example:
    • Developing costs guidance and conduct rules ethics offerings
    • Delivering targeted advocacy activities relevant to specific membership segments and ensuring our committee makeup reflects our membership makeup
    • Strengthening our position in setting professional standards, particularly regarding guidance statements.

Developing our culture (pages 53-64)

  • Focuses on the internal mechanisms that are key to excellent member service delivery, such as:
    • Results of our referral service that connects thousands of potential clients to members
    • Council’s initiatives, our operational performance and internal programs
    • Our adherence to ASX Corporate Governance Principles.

Ensuring our sustainability (pages 65-73)

  • Comprises a holistic view of our sustainability initiatives, with results that canvass our:
    • Successful reduction of reported workplace health and safety incidents
    • Document management and recordkeeping projects and improvements, including the surprising discovery this year of rare historical documents dating back to 1873
    • Recycling record and work with Rosies Youth Mission
    • Financial overview.

Plans for the future (pages 74-78)

  • Presents the road ahead to 2018, including:
    • Our Strategic Plan 2013-18
    • Our Corporate Plan 2014-15
    • Predicted issues and trends for the legal profession and Queensland Law Society’s planned actions to address or support them.

Financial statements and Open Data

Our financial reports include the results of the Society’s membership activities, insurance activities (through Lexon Insurance Pte Ltd and the Law Claims Levy Fund) and the responsibilities that the Society carries out under legislative requirements (including the Legal Practitioners’ Fidelity Guarantee Fund).

The Open Data report details our consultancy and overseas travel spend as part of our transparent reporting obligations.


The materials presented on this site are provided by Queensland Law Society for information purposes only. Users should note that the electronic versions of the annual report on this site are not recognised as the official or authorised versions. The official copy of the annual report, as tabled in the Legislative Assembly of Queensland can be accessed from the Queensland Parliament's online tabled papers database.