Queensland Law Society

Publication scheme

Our publication scheme is designed to release information we routinely make available to the public.

Information has been grouped into the following classes to facilitate access to our routinely published information. It aligns with the government's proactive disclosure approach.

Accessing information

We have endeavoured, where possible, to make documents available to you to download. If you are experiencing difficulty accessing any of these documents, please email us at RTI@qls.com.au for assistance.

Before making an RTI application, contact us to find out whether the information you need can be released administratively.

You may download any of the information and documents contained in this publication scheme free of charge. If you wish to access any of the information or documents in a hard copy, then an administration fee will apply for photocopying (20c per page for black and white photocopy on A4 size paper), and postage and handling.


If you have a complaint concerning the Society's Publication Scheme, please email us at RTI@qls.com.au to lodge your complaint.