Queensland Law Society

About us (Who we are and what we do)

Queensland Law Society (QLS) is the peak representative body for the legal profession in Queensland, providing leadership, guidance and support for more than 13,000 members.

The Society empowers good lawyers, advocates for good law and serves the public good by providing a clear and passionate voice for solicitors and the legal profession in Queensland. We engage with the government, the public and the legal community on issues of importance to the profession.

The Society is a versatile, responsive and collegiate representative body which supports and advocates on behalf of the Queensland legal profession. We represent the profession with courage, fidelity and service in an ethically sound, calm and professional manner.

Across many platforms and in conjunction with our members, the Society provides:

  • high-quality, ethical support and guidance to Queensland solicitors, including direct ethical consulting, bespoke educational sessions and published guidance statements
  • calm, clear and courageous advocacy on matters of importance to the legal profession and the broader community
  • accessible, high-quality ongoing professional development and specialist accreditations
  • practical resources and opportunities for the profession to maintain and develop professional skills
  • support and guidance on trust account issues and trust account compliance
  • direct practice support consultancy services to new and developing law firms throughout the state
  • regulation of trust account provisions of the Legal Profession Act 2007, external administration of law practices and management of the Legal Practitioners’ Fidelity Guarantee Fund
  • records administration for the issuing of practising certificates
  • professional indemnity insurance to the members of the Queensland legal profession through Lexon Insurance Pte Limited.