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Six months ago no one would have foreseen this year’s drastic changes to our professional lives. And just a couple of months back, few would have thought that now we would now be cautiously optimistic that life was returning to ‘normal’.

But what is the ‘new normal’, and is COVID-19 leaving a legacy that will improve the legal landscape for good? This month’s special feature ventures into areas where COVID-19 is likely to leave a lasting impression. We have looked at the legacy – for better or worse – that COVID-19 will leave the profession with and how we can work to ensure we retain the good and jettison the bad. This edition also includes information for practitioners looking to start making the transition from under the doona to ‘new normal’ practice, and how we can all use technology to improve our practise. We have also been fortunate to speak with Queensland’s Chief Magistrate Judge Terry Gardiner on what the ‘new normal’ at the Magistrates Courts looks like; an interesting and informative read for all practitioners who deal with the Courts.

This month’s Proctor is the last you’ll see of our monthly magazine. But before you reach for the tissues, know that this is certainly not the last you’ll see of Proctor. Proctor Online, our new legal news hub, will launch July 2020 and will become essential reading for Queensland practitioners. We look forward to keeping you up to date via Proctor Online with all your favourite legal news and views, and some new items we hope you’ll come to love just as much.

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