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Meet your QLS Senior Counsellors – Terry O’Gorman AM

Terry O’Gorman is an experienced practitioner, whose public role in both the Queensland and Australian Councils for Civil Liberties is well known. As a QLS Senior Counsellor, he can provide confidential guidance on professional or ethical problems.

What motivated you to become a QLS Senior Counsellor?

I accepted the request to become a QLS Senior Counsellor many years ago as I felt it was important, particularly for younger practitioners, to be able to have access to advice from lawyers who have many years of practice behind them.

Can you provide an overview on your general experience as a QLS Senior Counsellor?

My general experience of being a QLS Senior Counsellor is that younger practitioners, who are primarily in the area of conflicts of interest, seek advice. I receive enquiries from younger practitioners wanting advice in respect of a situation confronting them, which they have not encountered before. Enquiries come from solicitors in firms, who feel a reluctance for a variety of reasons, to seek advice from within their firm. Advice is also sought from criminal defence practitioners who are sole practitioners.

As I practise almost exclusively in the area of criminal defence and professional discipline, I have a practice to refer other queries to QLS Senior Counsellors who have expertise in the area the subject of a query.

If you could give one piece of advice to a solicitor just starting their career, what would it be?

It is important, particularly in relation to early career lawyers and especially in the area of criminal law, to seek advice before making a decision in respect of a difficult or novel situation that they confront.

Terry O’Gorman is among the presenters at the QLS Criminal Law Conference on 8 September.

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Areas of practice: Criminal; Professional Misconduct
Robertson O'Gorman Solicitors
07 3034 0000

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