Queensland Law Society


We encourage you to consider nominating for Council. Nominating can help you build your professional profile.

Council members are solicitors who understand governance, Queensland Law Society and the needs of practice. They champion the cause of the profession and are ideally placed to consider the significant issues, pressures and opportunities facing members.

You can nominate for any or all of the following positions:

President – the role of the President is set out in the President’s role description and serves in the office of the President for a one-year term and then remains on Council for an additional one year as Immediate Past President.

Deputy President – the role of the Deputy President is set out in the Deputy President’s role description. In the second year, the Deputy President becomes President.

Vice President – the role of the Vice President is set out in the Vice President’s role description. Throughout the two year term the Vice President supports the President and Deputy President in carrying out the duties outlined in the President’s role description.

Councillor – the role of Councillor is set out in the Councillor’s role description . There are eight elected positions available as ordinary members of Council as well as one appointed member as the Attorney-General’s nominee. The Council Charter sets out the role and obligations of Council as a whole. In addition, all Councillors are expected to be ambassadors for QLS and to utilise their experience, knowledge and contacts to assist and support the Society to achieve its strategic goals.

How to nominate

  1. Ensure you are a full member and included on the Roll of Electors by 9am AEST Monday 9 September 2019.
  2. Read the Notice of Election.
  3. Complete and sign the nomination form.
  4. Organise three full members on the Roll of Electors to support your application by completing and signing the nomination form.
  5. Email or post the form to the Returning Officer, Queensland Law Society, GPO Box 1785, Brisbane, Qld 4001.
    Nomination forms must be received by the Returning Officer by 4pm AEST Tuesday 24 September 2019.
  6. Submit by 4pm AEST Tuesday 24 September 2019 the following
    1. a profile piece of no more than 150 words for the QLS website to support your candidacy (profile form will be available from 9 September 2019).
    2. a high resolution headshot for your website profile (between 100KB and 1MB file size).

Role descriptions