Queensland Law Society

What's new?

New Rules

On 30 April 2019 the Legal Profession (Society) Rules 2007 v23 came into effect. The new Rules encourage and support streamlining online communications for the election and also include:

  • allowing the names of candidates to be drawn by electronic or manual lot;
  • clarifying the process for withdrawing nominations, enabling candidates to withdraw their nominations within seven days after the close of nominations; and
  • clarifying the process for nominating a scrutineer, which if requested must be notified to the returning officer not less than 48 hours before the close of the ballot.

Continuing on from 2017, there will also be a 14 day period from the close of nominations to the opening of the poll. During this time, QLS will publish the names, biographies and photos submitted by eligible candidates in the order drawn by lot electronically in accordance with r35(2) of the Rules on the QLS website. Throughout the election period the QLS election media protocol is to be strictly observed.

Notification of eligible candidates on QLS website

Continuing on from 2017, Full members are invited to nominate for a position on Council from Monday 9 September 2019 to 4pm AEST Tuesday 24 September 2019. During this time the Society will assess each candidate, advise the candidate whether their application for candidacy has been accepted and within two business days of receipt of an accepted nomination will publish the names of the eligible candidates in order of nomination receipt on the QLS website.

From 9am Wednesday 25 September 2019 the names and biographies submitted by eligible candidates will be published on the QLS website in the order drawn by lot electronically in accordance with r35(2) of the Rules.