Queensland Law Society

Our Green Initiative

Queensland Law Society actively seeks to incorporate environmentally sustainable green practices in its operations and activities. With this initiative, we hope to inspire our members to institute similar methods in their own organisations so that together we can make a significant difference.

Did you know?

  • Approximately 7.8kg of waste and recycling is generated per m2, per year
  • Approximately 173kg of waste and recycling generated per employee, per year
  • Roughly 1.7 reams of copy paper are thrown out or recycled per m2, per year
  • Approximately 39 reams of copy paper are thrown out or recycled per employee, per year
  • About 55% of paper and 10% of cardboard is in the general waste stream
  • 5% of glass, plastic drink containers, and aluminium cans are in the general waste stream
  • $23 worth of reusable stationery is thrown out per employee, per year.

NB: A 'year' is based on 261 working days. An 'employee' is a full time employee or equivalent.

Facts and Figures from www.resource.nsw.gov.au/officebuildings

What we are doing to help

Paper recycling and reducing paper wastage

For many years we’ve been working hard on recycling waste paper. Each month, on average, our paper recycling program saves:

  • 9.5 trees
  • 1.8 barrels of oil
  • 3014 KwH of electricity
  • 2.94 cubic metres of landfill
  • 0.94 tonnes of carbon emissions
  • 23,358.30 litres of water

Although our paper recycling program is a positive step, we can do more. By reducing and centralising our computer printers, combined with default double sided print settings, we plan to reduce the amount of paper we use by 60%.

Queensland Law Society is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and finding new ways to do our part, as every little bit helps. We’re currently working on:

Reducing our conference and seminar carbon footprints

This year we are focusing on reducing the carbon footprint of our conferences and seminars. One way we have achieved this is by providing presentation papers to delegates in electronic format, rather than printed, saving 72.5 trees per year.

Saving energy

As part of our refurbishment, we have committed to reducing our energy usage through installing a 50% more energy efficient lighting and air-conditioning system, along with sun reflective window screens - saving 109.96 tonnes of CO2 emissions from the environment every year.

Our continual energy audits will monitor our progress and identify new ways we can save energy.

It’s not easy being “green”, but we’re working on it.

We also…

  • use recycled rubber flooring and chairs
  • use indoor plants to cool and improve air quality
  • recycle used fluorescent lighting tubes
  • recycle old computers and computer parts
  • recycle used printer toner cartridges
  • harvest rainwater for exterior cleaning and watering gardens.